Computer Repair Ottawa

Do you need computer repair services in Ottawa? Get the help you need instantly.

We repair several computer brands such as Acer, Asus (including Eee PC), Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP (Hewlett- Packard), Siemens, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, Packard-Bell, Sony, Toshiba, netbook and many more; inquire! Plus, did you know that most repairs can be done on the same day? Indeed, Hard drive replacement is very quick and can even be completed in less than an hour in most cases! With our computer repair services in Ottawa, we offer you a quick and free estimate; if we are unable to repair your computer, you will not incur any charges And once repaired, you’ll enjoy a computer warranty that covers parts and labour!

You can come to any of our stores in the Ottawa or Gatineau area, walk-in, and our cell computer repair technicians will quickly diagnose and repair, if necessary. Can’t come to us? Take advantage of our remote repair service! We can send a technician to your house or you can send us your device by Canada Post and we will contact you once our estimate is complete. We will return your computer to you after the repair is done!

In addition to our computer repair services in Ottawa and Gatineau, our store offers a wide selection of accessories for computers as well as many models of used computers for sale. Whether you are looking for an HP, DELL or different computer mark, come see us or contact us at 8195927664!

Why Choose Our Computer Repair Service In Ottawa

Free diagnostic

Several diagnostic levels are available to you. Telephone support of less than 15 minutes is always free. In the workshop we charge in blocks of 30 minutes. Most problems can be detected quickly.

Repair less than 1H

Most repairs can be done in under 1 hour.  Optimization, bug fixes, software installation. We can also work in front of the client, while they wait (if desired).

Mobile services if necessary

The hourly rate also applies to travel. Please note that it is less expensive to bring your computer to the workshop as some operations may take several hours. We can also pick up your computer, repair it at the workshop and come and report it, which can make things easier sometimes.

No Over Overcharging

In the workshop, we cannot charge on time because there are operations which are very long but require little technician intervention. For example a formatting can take several hours but we only load one hour of labor. We agree with the customer on the price of the repair before we start the job. This is why we favor workshop work because at home (at the customer’s) the bill can go up quite quickly by charging on time.

Computer Repair Services We Offer In Ottawa:

  • Computer troubleshooting (software and hardware): session password, virus, startup, instability, slowness, freezes, replacement of defective or upgradeable hardware parts (video card, hard drive, laptop screen and keyboard, memory live (RAM), power supply, etc.)
  • IT maintenance: performance optimization, cleaning (dust + software), installation of new software, etc.
  • Networking: setting up and securing cable or WiFi networks, sharing printers, network or internet connection problem, router replacement and configuration, etc.
  • Data recovery: in some cases, we will be able to recover your lost data. Conditions apply.

We can also help you solve the most common problems on tablets and smartphones (iPad / iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry), whether for synchronization, connections, or configuration.


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Our Top Repair Services:

System formatting and reinstallation

There are some cases where we need to reinstall the operating system of our computer for various reasons (virus, system files problem, hard drive problem). We can do our best to help you get your computer back to the way without losing your personal data. We also do your updates and we install your drivers.

In addition, after installation, our IT specialist will show you the basic functions of your new operating system in order to familiarize you as quickly as possible with this new environment. He can also make some slight modifications in order to make your new software as close as possible to the old one while taking advantage of the technological advances of the new system.

Note: Upgrading from Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 does not require the purchase of a license. However, it is possible that during migration certain anomalies occur (an incompatibility of certain programs or drivers, etc.). Contact us to find out about the possibilities and the cost of the migration according to your current system.

Computer hardware repair

No matter what problem you are having with your computer (software or hardware), there is a solution and we offer you our expertise. We debug everything.

In addition to being able to solve all software problems, we also solve all hardware related problems. Whether it is a hard drive at the end of its life, more random access memory (RAM), a processor to be replaced, a screen to be replaced, a too noisy fan, a CD / DVD / BD reader or burner to install, replace a graphics card or keyboard, etc., We can help you, whatever the brand of your PC (Acer, Asus (including Eee PC), Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP (Hewlett- Packard), Siemens, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, Packard-Bell, Sony, Toshiba, netbook, etc.).

Our technicians will give you an estimate of the price of parts and the intervention then will carry out the repair/installation after your approval. If the repair is not cost-effective for your computer’s value, our technician will tell you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about your computer hardware repairs.

Power Supply Repair

Computer power supply is a part that can break if there is a power surge or other electrical problem. We can change it very easily.


Overheating your computer can lead to serious problems. Our technicians will diagnose your overheating problem and repair it.

Power Connector Repair

The power connector is often prone to failure. To have the charging connector of your Lenovo pc repaired, ask for the intervention of our technicians, their work is fast and guaranteed for 3 months.

Defective hard drive

Is your computer hard drive broken? The problem may be with the hard drive. Our technicians can diagnose and repair the hard drive of your computer.

Keyboard Change

Spilled coffee or soda on your keyboard? If some keys no longer work, bring your pc, our repairers will replace the keyboard.

Graphics card repair

Is your computer screen blank? Leave your pc graphics card repair to our experts. They will refurbish your graphics card.

Fan Repair

Does your fan makes noise? “Fan error” appears on your screen? The problem is with the fan. We ensures the cleaning and the replacement of your computer fan| at the best price.

Physical cleaning

Dust can accumulate over time and even clog the CPU cooler, which can cause computer problems (overheating and crashes).

Software installation

We can install a wide variety of software for you. Have you bought a software and don’t know how to install it? We can help you.

You need to install a software (eg Skype, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Java, antivirus, firewall, accounting software… or any other software !!) but you don’t know where to get it, install it or configure it correctly? No problem, We intervene to install any type of software, whether you have already purchased it or not. The installation will be done correctly and for most software our technicians will explain and show you how to use it.

Camera Web It is not software but a hardware (eg web camera, WiFi router, networked multifunction printer, video camera, etc.)? We will also install it without any problem. The technician will perform the physical installation as well as the driver installation and show you how to use it.

Recover deleted data

There are several software and techniques to recover lost data. The data is still present even when it has been erased or when you no longer have access to it (until you have written over it).

If you have accidentally deleted important files or folders (and emptied the recycle bin), if you have formatted a partition or even an entire hard drive, or if your PC froze during a sensitive operation (modification of the partition system ) on your hard drive and you have lost data, We can help you find all or part of the lost data.
The most important thing is to stop using the hard drive before the intervention to preserve the still recoverable data !!

Contact us for more information on this subject. Data restoration is generally a very long operation (often several hours …), in most cases the technician will suggest that you take your hard drive for 1-2 days in order to perform the intervention. 

Note: We can help you restore your data provided that the hard drive in question can still communicate with a computer. Otherwise, you will need to contact a specialized company that will have the skills to work on the electronics and internal mechanics of the hard drive.

Virus removal

A computer connected to the Internet is never safe from threats, even with the best antivirus. Sometimes a technician’s intervention is necessary to destroy a virus. In addition, we offer a free antivirus subscription or antivirus installation service.

Is your computer infected with a computer virus, worm, trojan, trojan horse, rogue? We specialize in cleaning, disinfecting and removing computer viruses. Fast, reliable and efficient service without data loss.

We can effectively eradicate and remove any Internet threats, nuisances or parasites from your computer.

We repair any type of computer problems, towers, desktops, landlines and laptops, all brands operating in a Microsoft Windows environment.

We offer you fast and courteous services, by qualified technicians, an appointment within 24 to 48 hours of your call, possibly today depending on availability.

Our rates are among the cheapest in IT services, computer repair and computer troubleshooting.

Home Router Setup and Configuration

Have you just bought a second computer and want to connect it to the Internet? Do you want to connect your laptop and your mobile devices (smartphone, iPad tablet, Android, Windows, Blackberry) to the wireless connection (WiFi)? Have you thought about securing your network to prevent your neighbours from connecting to your wireless network? We can help you by installing, configuring and securing your home network (regardless of the number of computers and mobile devices you have). We can also configure printer and file sharing between your different devices.

If you do not already have the necessary equipment (cables, router (allowing the sharing of the Internet connection between several computers)), the technician will provide you with everything you will need. If you opt for a wireless connection, the IT specialist will secure your access point so that no unsympathetic neighbour can use your Internet connection without your permission.

In addition, all the network installation carried out by our technicians will continue to work wherever you move !!

Computer Speed Optimization

Do you find that your PC is getting slower and slower? This is a common problem on computers that have been used for several years: repeated installations and uninstallations, the accumulation of temporary files, as well as the default settings of Windows eventually cause a more or less significant decrease in performance. If you’ve recently migrated to Windows 10 and feel a bit lost, we can help, too.

We can help you restore your machine to its original performance, by deleting all accumulated temporary files as well as applications that you no longer use, and by making the appropriate settings. If you are on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 we can make some adjustments that will significantly improve your user experience. Contact us for more information.

Computer Repair Ottawa

Data Backup

A preventive solution consists of backing up your important data (documents, photos, multimedia files) on an external medium or thanks to an online backup service. Let us create an automated backup system for you.

Hard Drive Speed Improvement

Transfer from hard drive to SSD. All the operations of your computer will be much faster (transferring data, installing updates, launching the software, and sometimes even browsing the Internet). Much less waiting after the computer. In addition, thanks to cloning, you will find your computer exactly as it was before the operation.

Printer Installation and configurations

Did your printer stop working or do you want to configure it to connect to a network? Do you want to print using your tablet or cell phone? Entrust us with this task. Usually done in less than an hour.

Personalized training

Our technicians are enthusiasts who like to search and who already know a lot of software and hardware. We can probably assist you no matter what software you want to learn, and no matter your own computer background.