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phone and computer repair


We are a Canadian based computer and phone repair service center. Basically, we repair all major brands of PCs, Laptops, smartphones, tablets and Gaming Console devices issues. Our services are provided by well trained, skillful and friendly staff. 

We are passionate about repairing electronic devices and are committed to provide the best service to our customers. Whether you are an individual or a company, we will be at your disposal to resolve both hardware and software failures of all your electronic devices. 

We’re not only here to fix your device but also to make sure you are informed and comfortable with the whole process. We’ll keep you updated and you feel comfortable with our services.

We are ready to answer your calls quickly and we offer in-home service for the best technical support. We guarantee a very competitive price and reasonable repair time. Our goal is for you to quickly find your electronic device in good condition and your peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Computer Repair Service In Ottawa

Free diagnostic

Several diagnostic levels are available to you. Telephone support of less than 15 minutes is always free. In the workshop we charge in blocks of 30 minutes. Most problems can be detected quickly.

Repair less than 1H

Most repairs can be done in under 1 hour.  Optimization, bug fixes, software installation. We can also work in front of the client, while they wait (if desired).

Mobile services if necessary

The hourly rate also applies to travel. Please note that it is less expensive to bring your computer to the workshop as some operations may take several hours. We can also pick up your computer, repair it at the workshop and come and report it, which can make things easier sometimes.

No Over Overcharging

In the workshop, we cannot charge on time because there are operations which are very long but require little technician intervention. For example a formatting can take several hours but we only load one hour of labor. We agree with the customer on the price of the repair before we start the job. This is why we favor workshop work because at home (at the customer’s) the bill can go up quite quickly by charging on time.