Everyone is familiar with used product resale sites such as Kijiji, Ebay and others. Many of our client shop all kinds of items on these websites. IPhone (and other phones) is one of the best selling products on this kind of platform. However, when you decide to buy your used phone from a private seller, it is locked with the company they were dealing with. This therefore gives the buyer two choices: Go and sign a contract with the company with which the phone is blocked, or have the device unlocked. Until today, there was a $ 50 fee from mobile providers to unlock a phone.

As of December 1, 2017, the procedure to unlock a phone becomes FREE, everywhere! So there is no longer any problem buying an iPhone or anything else on used items sites !! You can finally have peace of mind and simply ask your seller with which company the product is blocked and go and have it unlocked for FREE!