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Tablet Repair Company In Ottawa

Do you need tablet repair services in Ottawa? Get the help you need instantly.

We can repair several tablet brands such as IPAD, Samsung, and many more; inquire! Plus, did you know that most repairs can be done on the same day? Indeed, battery replacement is very quick and can even be completed in less than an hour in most cases! With our tablet repair services in Ottawa, we offer a quick and free estimate; if we are unable to repair your tablet, you will not incur any charges and once repaired, you’ll enjoy a tablet warranty that covers parts and labour!

You can come to any of our stores, walk-in, and our tablet repair technicians will quickly diagnose and repair your divice. Can’t come to us? Take advantage of our remote repair service! All you have to do is send us your tablet by Canada Post and we will contact you once our estimate is complete. We will return your laptop to you afterwards!

In addition to our tablet repair services in Ottawa and Gatineau, our store offers a wide selection of accessories for tablets as well as many models of used tablet for sale. Whether you are looking for an IPAD or a different tablet brand, come see us or contact us at 8195927664!

tablet Repair Services

Looking for a tablet repairer in Ottawa? Need a professional to solve your tablet problems? Our tablet repair shop is at your disposal for the diagnosis, rapid intervention, troubleshooting and repair of your device. 

Whatever the breakdown, we will do our best to get your tablet back to working order as quickly as possible. We carry out in less than 30 minutes all types of repairs on your tablets. Whatever the breakdown, screen, battery, charging connector, home button, speaker, deoxidation, get a quality repair at the best price. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.


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Tablet Repair Ottawa


Why choose us for your tablet repairs? 100% of our technicians are certified, trained by the most experienced experts in the sector, they are able to repair small and big damage to your tablet.

We use only the best tablet spare parts on the market, allowing us to guarantee that your tablet will be repaired for life! Lost without your tablet? Come back to life in just a few minutes! The repair of your tablet takes an average twenty minutes on most common breakdowns.


Whether you use a Samsung or Apple tablet, we can fix it. Our technicians are the best tablet repair specialist in Ottawa. We extend our mobile tablet repair services in Gatineau for all marks and models. Our technicians are experts in dealing with all types of tablet issues. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.


We offer a warranty on each of our services. Therefore, we use only quality parts to replace any faulty parts, all our parts come with a warranty. We understand that you don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on your tablet repairs, again and again. Therefore, our tablet repair service in Ottawa offers free service if you face any problem with your device after the repair.


We serve our customers on a priority basis. We understand that for business people, time is the money. Therefore, we do our best to repair your tablet in the minimum time possible. Moreover, our technicians will make sure your tablet will work for you 100%. 


We have been providing tablet repair service since 2017, covering but not limited to Ottawa. Of course, our qualified staff will make sure when you walk out of our service centre you are 100% satisfied with the work carried out on your device. We believe in quality work and affordable tablet repair service in Ottawa. book now for your repairs.


  • Tablet Home Button Repair:

In case of failure on the main button of your tablet, it is possible to have it repaired in just 30 minutes in our store by our professional. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.

  • Tablet Headphone Jack Repair:

Having your tablet headphone jack repaired in 30 minutes and at a low price is possible! Visit one of our stores for quality troubleshooting.

  • Tablet Speaker Repair:

Did your tablet speaker stop working or crackle? We offer repairs for your Samsung Galaxy Tab and all Apple Ipad models.

  • Tablet Screen Replacement:

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple Ipad are by far the most common tablet used in Canada and contributes to the vast majority of the devices we fix. Naturally, since it’s launch, we have encountered every imaginable issue you could experience. Thankfully, servicing the tablet models is fairly straightforward and tablet Screen Replacement Services are completed within 30 minutes upon arrival. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.

Tablet Back Glass Repairs: We can repair almost any tablet fault including cameras, charging connectors, sound and power issues. For the more recent models, we can also replace and fix broken tablet rear glass.

  • Tablet Battery Replacement

We can offer you Fast tablet Battery Replacement Services for almost any tablet model including Apple, Samsung and Alcatel. When the battery is compromised, common user experience issues include the battery draining quickly, powering off when you connect to the internet or dieing at a certain percentage of the capacity. Even with regular use, your tablet battery life should get you through the entire day. If your device is old, you might have just maxed the charging cycles and it’s time to replace it, exactly the same as you would with remote control for your TV. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.

  • Tablet Screen Protection

Protect your tablet with Tempered Glass. Up to 9 times harder than normal glass & super scratch-resistant, tempered glass is the best way to protect your screen from breakage. Premium curved edge, flexible glass, camera lens protection, back cover and liquid glass options available at any of our stores. If you’re looking to take your protection to the next level, screen Damage Cover is also available.

Special Offer: Tempered Glass Screen Protection is installed for free with every tablet screen replacement or half price with any tablet case. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.

  • Data Recovery Services

We can recover your lost photos, videos, messages & notes from a range of tablet models, hard drives and laptops. If your device has been liquid damaged, has no power or your information for whatever reason is inaccessible. Speak to us about Data Recovery Services today, our recovery experts have over 85% average success rates and in the rare instance we are unsuccessful, there is no charge for our services. With liquid damage recovery especially, the sooner we can work on the device the better. Shortly after being wet, corrosion and rust will start to take over and reduce the chances of success dramatically. This will tend to happen much faster with electronics that have been exposed to saltwater in particular. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.

  • Software Faults, Viruses & Bootloop Errors

All-new tablets connect to the internet and require constant syncing, downloading, updating and software upgrading. Each process your device goes through could result in some kind of software error or virus. Functionality can be affected and your tablet may get stuck in a “boot loop”. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, our repair services for Software Faults can restore your tablet back to its original working order. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.

  • Tablet Accessories

Get The Latest tablet Cases for the newest tablet models. Browse the latest tablet holders for cars, motorbikes, bicycles and power your devices with certified wireless pads, chargers, power banks and cables. Contact us at 819-592-7664 or Fill our online to get a Free Estimate.